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Kick Start Programme

"Working closely with you and your team, my Kick Start Programme is designed to help me assist you in achieving your ambitions and creating the success you want by defining and differentiating your practice"

With over 30 years experience in the dental business and having owned several different businesses in the past 20 years, Illona understands the challenges often faced in a modern business world and in particular, dentistry.

Whether you are looking to successfully set up a new practice or to move your established practice to the next level, Illona can therefore help you map out your internal and external opportunities and strategically accelerate your growth plans.

The Kick Start Programme is ideal for:

  • New practice start-up's
  • Established practices that need to be modernised and staff engaged and motivated
  • Practices that have never done marketing before and don't know where to start
  • New owners of old practices that need an overhaul
  • Assoiciates that have become, or are due to become, a practice Principal

The Kick Start Programme starts with a “Deep Dive Consultation" that is a structured analysis of your Growth Objectives as well the internal strengths and weaknesses of your practice. This includes the following:

  • Goals – What are your long-term growth objectives and  short term goals? Are these SMART goals? Where relevant, how have these goals been communicated to your team? What are your barriers to growth and what is currently stopping you from achieving your goals as quickly as you'd like?
  • Finance – Are you getting the right price for the service you offer? How much do you want to invest in your business? How can we improve revenue?
  • Operational Excellence - What processes do you have in place and how can they be improved. Do you need a system or business model to help guide you and your team? What’s available and what’s best for you?
  • Business Management – What type of leader /manager are you? What’s your image to staff and patients?
  • Team - What are their individual skills and commitment to your business? What is their length of service, competence and also their development and ambitions?
  • Practice – What is the overall condition of your practice? What does your décor say to patients? Does it have functionality for staff and patients?
  • Location – What facilities do your offer patients ie. parking and ease of access? What are the outside influences that affect your practice?

Helping you to work smarter and not harder, the key findings of this analysis are then used to map out a series of tasks, follow-up meetings and/ or training courses with you and your team - depending on what priority actions are required to move your practice forward. The basis of these recommendations will be around how, by defining and differentiating your practice, you can 'wow' existing patients and stand out in the crowd for new patients.

By transforming your team into your biggest asset and developing the potential of your practice you will be able to achieve a more attractive and efficient practice as well as a much more competitive business.

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Tel: 07510 307716
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